Are you Okay?


Losing Robin Williams today was like losing a little chip off my childhood. I remember watching his movies and thinking of him as this funny guy who lived to entertain. It was his job, it was his passion.. He seemingly appeared to be living the dream. What an incredible man he was, an inspiration to many. Someone who seemed so very happy.

How could a man like him crumble?

Did the people around him know how truly torn up he was? 

It’s hard for me to write this post as I feel as though to end your own life you must have to be at the absolute bottom. You must feel as though there is no way up to the surface, no chance for one last breath. Too many people are dying at their own hand and there’s got to be a reason why. Is there truly a place where the only way out is to take yourself out?

I’ve met people in my life who say they’ve considered ending their lives. I believe them, but I do wonder if there’s a point where people come to where there’s no other way; where there simply is no hope left. Is there no professional help in the world that can help combat that kind of darkness? I sure hope there is.

If you’re struggling in ANY way, please seek help. See a doctor, see a counselor.. Talk to a friend. LIFELINE is available in Australia if you’re experiencing issues in your life.

I urge us all to ask the following to friends and family, “are you okay?” That one question could be the prevention of another valuable life lost.


RIP Robin Williams. I won’t think of today when I think of you. I will remember the man who made us all laugh away our troubles and the joy you brought to my family. For all of that, I thank you.